Beavers are true engineers of water flow. Beaver will dam up flowing bodies of water using woody vegetation, and mud. Although there are several methods to allow water to flow where a beaver dam is, in time a beaver will stop it or just build a new dam downstream. Where beavers will make great habitat for many species, timber flooded for extended periods of time will kill the timber. Beaver dams will create a barrier for migrating fish.

Beaver will weigh an average of 40 pounds and some will get in the 70 pound range. Most of the beavers from North Carolina are not used for fur but are used in making hats. The higher grade cowboys hats are made with a blend of beaver and rabbit fur.
Beaver can carry rabies. In North Carolina, in the last 20 years, we have had two attacks on humans by beavers. Beavers cannot be relocated and must be euthanized when removed.

Denton Wildlife Services will survey the area of concern and will price the job of beaver removal as a set price with a 30 day guarantee all beavers have been removed. I am licensed with the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Agency (ATF) and can remove beaver dams by hand, in some cases by mechanical means, and with explosives.